Advocacy Projects


Advanced Family planning (AFP)\r\n

\r\nThe AFP project aims to improve access to and use of family planning services, information, and supplies by increasing funding, decreasing policy barriers, and increasing the importance of family planning among policymakers at global, regional, national, and sub-national levels. The project is funded by John Hopkins University/ Bill Melinda Gates foundation and is running in 18 districts in Uganda.\r\n

Women’s’ Reproductive Health Advocacy Project (WRAP)\r\n

\r\nThe WRAP project is a four year project being implemented in Luwero, Mityana and Kampala Districts. Building on the Regional Advocacy Project (RAP), WRAP is contributing towards strengthening of women’s capacity to demand for improved reproductive health services, particularly family planning in Luwero and Mityana districts. WRAP is funded by DANIDA.\r\n

Prevention+: Partnering with Men to End Gender Based Violence (GBV)\r\n

\r\nPrevention + project aims at achieving a gender just Uganda, free of gender-based violence. It focuses on engaging young men to prevent GBV and promote gender justice. The project addresses root causes of GBV embedded in patriarchal norms and harmful practices, affecting men, boys and sexual minorities. The project has two main priority areas; 1) reducing violence against women and 2) economic participation and self-reliance of women. It is funded by Dutch MOFA through Sonke Gender Justice (SA)\r\n

Advocacy for Better Health project (ABH)\r\n

\r\nThe ABH project is expected to create an enabling environment and opportunities for citizens and community groups to raise their demands and hold duty bearers accountable for improved health and social services.