RHU Performance 2015-2017 (DHIS2 Annual Statistics)

RHU performance 2015 – 2017

(DHIS2 Annual Statistics)


Youth Services  

  • Information & counseling on STIs/HIV/AIDS; safe sex, sexuality & relationship, and reproductive health
  • Contraceptive services, especially dual methods, emergency contraception
  • Diagnosis and management of STIs
  • HIV Counseling and Testing services
  • Pregnancy testing, goal oriented antenatal care and post natal care
  • Post Abortion Care
  • Screening for cancer of the cervix and Breast cancer examination
  • Sexual Gender Based Violence information and services
  • Creating link to opportunities for economic, educational and active citizenship.
  • Youth friendly centers for SRH information and services, carrier guidance and recreation
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Menstruation management

HIV /AIDS Services

  • Information and counseling on HIV/AIDS, STIs
  • Positive prevention
  • HIV Counseling & Testing
  • HIV stigma, denial and discrimination and mitigation approaches
  • Management of STIs and PIDs
  • Safe Male circumcision
  • Management of Opportunistic Infections
  • Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
  • Home Based Care through referral and partnerships to be implemented in the last 5-years
  • Effective Referrals

Family Planning Services

  • Couple Counseling
  • Preconception care and counseling
  • Client History (Health and Medical)
  • Insertion and Removal
  • Infertility Management
  • Method effectiveness Management
  • Pregnancy Planning
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

Contraceptive Options

  • Condom Use
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Implants
  • Injectables
  • IUD
  • Lactational Amenorrhea Method
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Standard Days Method
  • TwoDay Method


The African Citizens Initiative

Inspiring Individuals to support health programmes for all

The global health funding environment is changing and increasingly competitive. It is moving away from traditional donor funded models.Therefore,in line with the African Union Agenda 2063 commitment to the principal of self –reliance and the Sustainable Development Goals, there is need to diversity funding streams to include locally sourced and sustainable models

To meet this challenge, the International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPFAR) Council launched the African Citizens’ Initiative  on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

ACI is a volunteer-led peer-to-peer fundraising programme designed to take advantage of IPPF’s greatest resources-its volunteer members. It seeks to find African Solutions to Africa’s development challenges
The initiative’s overall goal is to motivate, empower and enable IPPFAR’s network of over 39,000 volunteers to take part in a peer-to-peer fundraising programme to raise financial support for reproductive health programmes that assist women, girls and families in vulnerable and undeserved communities

In Uganda RHU has embraced the idea and is committed to mobilizing its extensive network of volunteers and staff in support of the implementation of its Strategic Plan 2016-2022 through the ACI
RHU’s objective is to raise financial contributions totaling Uganda shillings 4.2 billion annually. The target is for each volunteer to recruit five (5) individuals who will each contribute at least Uganda shillings 175,000 annually or Uganda shillings 15,000 per month over five (5) years

For more details and contributions contact us:

P O Box 10746 Kampala,
Plot 2 Katego Road – Tufnell Drive,
Off Kira road Kamwokya, Kampala – Uganda
Tel: +256- (0) 312-207100, +256-(0)414 540658
Email: rhu[at]rhu.or.ug

Be a Volunteer

An RHU volunteer is a person that identifies him/herself with the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights as a basic human right and agrees to commit him/herself to work towards its promotion and enhancement of the Association in general.

RHU has network of over 4000 SRH volunteers across the country. To be part of our network join the African Citizen’s Initiative (ACI) an initiative of IPPFAR whose goal is to to inspire, empower and capacitate the network of volunteers in a peer-to-peer fundraising programme to raise support for health programmes that target women, girls and families in vulnerable, underserved and hard-to-reach communities.


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