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Exploring the association between FGMC Fistulas. A review of evidence.

This thorough review of the literature aims to fill this research gap by assessing the state of evidence on the association of Female Genital Mutilation/ cutting (FGM/C) and fistula and conceptually mapping this association within broader social, political, and health systems contexts. Developed by UKAID in conjunction with Pop Council

Comprehensive family planning clinical skills curriculum

This curriculum is a modification of the already existing Ministry of Health (April 2008) Basic Family Planning and Reproductive Health Clinical Skills Curriculum. The content is derived from the National RH Policy Guidelines and service standards as well as updates from the different documents such as revised WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria 2015, FP Global handbook for providers 2011, updates on postpartum family planning and other global FP publications. Developed by Ministry of Health

Uganda: our constitution, our vision , our SDGs

This document incorporates the constitution, our vision 2040 and how they help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

A guide to engaging on the national budget process in Uganda

This is the breakdown of the national budget process in Uganda. It explores how citizens are being engaged in an important area of policy making. Document was developed by CSBAG and DGF

A Study Of Determinants Of Modern Family Planning And Non Use In Uganda

The main aim of the study was to establish the determinants of continued use or non-use of modern family planning methods in Uganda. To achieve the study objectives, primary and secondary data were collected using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods; including structured questionnaires interviews, key informant interviews, focus group discussions and client exit interviews at family planning clinics. Desk review of key relevant documents on family planning was also conducted

RHU Annual report 2016

The annual report 2016 gives insight on Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) seven-year strategic plan; the new board to direct the organisation for the next three years; the new political environment at all levels and the changing funding dynamics of our leading donors.

A guide to Engaging Local Budget Process

This poster highlights the budgeting process in Uganda.
Document was developed by CSBAG and DGF

2017 RH_FGMC-Fistula


The annual report 2014 highlights how 2014 was a year of great milestones, marked with large volumes of SRHR services offered, surpassing planned targets and previous year performance in almost all services.

RHU Annual Report 2013

This report presents a summary of the different Programmes, projects and activities Implemented by Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) in 2013. It also highlights some of the main achievements over the period. As in years past, RHU remained relevant to the challenge of addressing the different Reproductive health (RH) challenges in the country, and was at the vanguard of innovation and cost effective interventions that helped to increase access to reproductive health services.